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Recently, President Obama gave the State of the Union address. Many have described his speech as inspiring and uplifting. During his speech, he reported on signs of economic recovery. While it is not happening as fast as we’d like, it is happening. Although the national unemployment rate has slightly decreased over the last few months, there is still a significant number of Americans that are out of work. How can you brand yourself to win in this economy?

Two weeks earlier I had my first encounter with the Tunku and had spent several hours talking about the Burmese Rohinga refugees, while he tape-recorded it with a mini-tape recorder (very rare to see in 1978).

I wrote to Perkim, the Islamic Welfare Association founded by Tunku, and told them my situation and asked to see the Tunku as requested by the Muslim leader who was in jail with me. The reply was prompt and to my surprise they requested permission to print my letter in the Islamic Herald. It was the beginning of my very fortunate and happy friendship with the Tunku.

These same top amateur boxing champions are a few of the many that will be making their way back to Colorado Springs June 19-26 for the USA Nationals, determining who may eventually be representing the USA in the 2012 Olympic Games held in London, England.

There is a huge event going on May 19 in Dallas, Texas. This event is called Pamper Me Fabulous and they have been able to pick up two reality TV stars as guest speakers. Are you attending this event venue vienna?

To help successfully deal with anxiety, learn to breathe correctly during high stress situations. When you are anxious, you’re muscles tighten and your normal breathing patterns are often disturbed. The next time you are feeling nervous, consciously inhale deeply and exhale very slowly. Lengthening exhalations after breaths will help you to calm yourself.

Thank you card: The couple should take time to thank each and everyone who have attended their wedding celebration and showered their best wishes and blessings on the couple. That’s the reason it is a ‘last but not least’ part of wedding stationery. A Thank you card reflects your gratitude to all who visited your wedding and made it a success.