Electric Car Blueprints And The Initial Step To Converting Your Car To Run On Electricity

If Plug In America has been very vocal these last few years, not too many people understand what the group strives to do and how it was formed. Find out more.

Mitsubishi showed off its new all i-MiEV Natalie Portman was honored by the Environmental Media which looks like an inflated, angry Pokemon monster. I mean that in the most flattering way. It looks like no other vehicle on the planet and would sell on its uniqueness alone. Why no gas powered version Mitsu?

Then there is the price to consider on these new cars. For most of us, they are priced way out of our range. The $35,000 to $50,000 ones are just to much, especially in these times. There are a few coming down below that now, around $15,000.

The car’s energy comes from 6,831 lithium ion batteries. These are the same batteries you use to charge your laptop or cell phone. It comes with a portable charging pack – in case you’re traveling more than 125 miles from home – and the batteries only take about 3 1/2 hours to fully charge.

“He’s got different stories, I don’t know what he’s going to bring,” Moir said. “Sometimes he does a little craft or a magic trick too, and there’s time to sit with Santa and have pictures taken, if the kids want it.

6) The Manual Car! If you have a car that is manual, then you have the opportunity to save a lot of money on the gas bill. Here’s how to do it: You want to shift up early, and shift down late. This method helps save on your gas bill by using lower rpm’s. Also another tip you can do is when your going down hill, put it in neutral and let it roll. I Only Suggest This If The Hill Is Not Too Steep! If the hill is to steep then your car could pick up too much speed and get out of control.

As an individual you have to make the change, if we wait for a oil company to change we’ll be waiting a very long time. As for the auto manufactuerers they won’t dare go against the oil tycoons either.

Although the Nissan Leaf has received great reviews, owning an electric car isn’t for everybody so one of the lower emission diesel cars might be a more viable option for most.