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Apple has named Instagram its 2011 iPhone App of the Year, as part of its App Store Rewind 2011 list, which was released on Thursday. Meanwhile, Snapseed was named the 2011 iPad App of the Year.

Read before you app. Before you install an app on your new device, be sure it has a good reputation, read its privacy policy and limit the information your device shares with the app. You probably want to disable in-app purchases too if others use your device. This way you don’t rack up charges accidentally. Also, be careful what you download. Many apps are full of ads, violate your privacy and have malware attached.

Transferring videos, photos, documents, or any form of data between phones doesn’t get any easier. Simply by placing both minis back to back, you can instantly transfer any data you like.

KKW: I think it is great that chemical treatments are not added to the Remy Hair extensions. Was that something that was important to you to exclude when creating your line of extensions?

Following friends and family can be fun too, but haven’t you ever wondered if your favorite actress from Gossip Girl or favorite singer Taylor Swift are out there someplace using the same apps as you? I have, and now you can find them on Instagram. It’s always nice to add pictures from some of your favorite celebrities to your feed!

The stars of “Spring Breakers” watched “Hunger Games” in high-tech and luxury seats that are programed into moving along with the action in the movie, according to the Huffington Post. These seats go frame by frame along with the film to give the movie goer a viewing of a lifetime. The two couldn’t help brag about their fortunate view for this movie by posting a picture of themselves in the seats. Benson posted a picture on comprar seguidores Sunday night to show the fans just how lucky they were.

KKW: Viewers of “Shahs of Sunset” saw you on an episode of the show. Would you ever be interested in starring on the show, or any other type of reality show?

Being ranked into the “Most Popular” list on Instagram is certainly an accomplishment worth bragging, but to get there you will have to make quite an effort, and it will take time.