How To Save On Your Wedding Ceremony

Hold the door open for her, pick up the tab, don’t bring up any of your exes… Do all of these classic dating rules still apply today, or have they changed? If we knew for sure, perhaps it would help to quell some of the nervousness we feel before any first date, which is important because when we feel nervous, we can’t really be ourselves. Here are some tips to help calm your thoughts and allow you to enjoy a first date while making an excellent first impression.

Climbing into the bed was an experience in itself. It was comparable to sliding into a soft comfy down bed. I only wish my own mattress at home was as comfortable.

Elvis: Who doesn’t love The King, right? Tell your fiance “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” with an Elvis theme wedding. When you exchange your marriage vows, why not ask him to “Love Me Tender”? The list of romantic Elvis themed songs goes on and on, making it a really easy theme to dive into. Naturally, the groom will need to wear blue suede shoes, and the bride a 1950s vintage gown. Hiring an Elvis impersonator as your officiant is optional, as is having the wedding in Vegas.

Allied Arts Guild. The Allied Arts Guild is in Menlo Park and can provide space for a celebration of no more than 140 guests. This venue is like an enchanting moor, with Spanish gardens, fountains, rose alleys, courtyards and beautiful architecture. You will leave your wedding photographer perplexed with the thousands of breathtaking backdrops perfect for taking your wedding pictures. Picture that perfect wedding shot with the both of you naturally framed under Spanish colonial style arches. It will be a charming wedding you will never forget.

Seventh is writing. Writing our what is blocking the focus. Writing releases the “I don’t want to forget” factor. It places the information in a trusted place that you know you can return to. Set the timer for five minutes and freewrite what**s going on in your mind. I call this process dumping. Write it in a positive tone to maintain the attraction process.

According to their horse and carriage for weddings website you can have wine tastes in prices ranging from to They have a nice selection of sparkling, white, Reds and dessert wines. Ladies if your man isn’t a wine drinker, let him know of the fine beer available here. No wine tasting is complete without fine cheese and or chocolates and these can be found here as well.

Then let the ball begin! At the end, have a chocolate fountain and include dipping items like cakes, pretzels, and cookies to dip in the chocolate fountain. Then ring in the New Year with fancy champagne toast.

Take a look at the video clip at Tim Gunn sharing his part of the Biggest Loser makeovers. As modest as he is, the fashion guru did the majority of work.