Id Theft – Protecting Your Personal Information

Credit scoring is complicated to say the least. When you are born you probably had a credit score of (450) The highest credit scores we have seen exceed (800) In the lending arena and the Federal Government Home Loan Guaranty process, we know that a credit score of (620) or higher can get you a mortgage approval. Now, if your credit scores are lower than that, yep, you can get approved, but guess what? At a much higher rate. So knowing that credit scores affect the amount of your payments is important.

D. When you aren’t using your identification documents such as your social security card replacement, birth certificate, or passports keep them in a secure location.

Most documents can be re-ordered. Financial institutions as required by law to keep records of your statements for 7 years. And most Military Records are now kept online. Of course it can be a hassle in tracking down those records and getting copies, which is why you want to have your own set of copies on hand, should you need to access it quickly. If you are missing something from the list that you know you should have, now would be a good time to track down a copy of it, so you can keep it with your other important documents.

Many new social security card replacement online users think that sending regular email is safe their privacy assured. Nothing could be further from the truth. Email is easy to intercept and read. Most email users are not sophisticated enough to encode all their messages and have the receiver at the other end decode each message before reading. Lots of people use their email attachment capability to send pictures and other information about their children to other family members and friends.

Give out your account number over the phone unless you’re making the call to a company you know is reputable. If you have questions about a company, check it out with your local consumer protection office or Better Business Bureau.

Loan Documents – Shred after loan has been paid off. As a good practice you should keep the last statement showing the loan has been paid off and there is a 0 balance. You may need it later should the loan company try and say you never paid the loan (it is rare but it does happen).

You need water and food in your survival bag so put in some bottled water and rotate it every once in awhile. Put in some food that does not require cooking. You might also want to put in a pocket knife as well. Include a book of matches or two. If you can fit a change of clothing or several including socks and underwear you should include them. You can also get pocket-sized survival blankets that have a silver side and will either retain heat if it is cold or help to shield you from heat if it is hot. You may want to include family photos just in case you get separated. This will help in searching for the lost family member. Include a loud whistle to signal those around you.

Third, you should check your credit report regularly. Some credit card companies have this information on there websites when you log on. You can also obtain a credit report for free yearly at annualcreditreport. This website can give you your credit score from all three reporting agencies. If you have your identity stolen, you should report it promptly. Call the police, the credit reporting agencies, and of course, your bank.