Practical Tips For New Year Weight Loss

The New Year has arrived, and with it, gazillions of resolutions. Writerly ones included, of course! I get tons of emails this time of year from folks recommitting to their book writing goals, which is a great thing. The love of the written word, and how we all connect with it, always warms my heart.

A movie shot and edited entirely on a smartphone and/or tablet will premiere in movie theaters and earn at least $50 million during its first year run.

Wild Child-There’s nothing wrong with letting out your inner party girl to ring in the happy new year 2019 wishes. Mix metal studs with sweet ballerina buns for a play on contradictions or channel a unbridled Studio 54 vibe with free-flowing hair and gold-accented headband. If you’re going the ballerina bun route, remember to style it toward the back of the head, not at the top. Otherwise you’ll be faced with some unflattering competition. A touchable hairspray holds the style in place and a texturizer will add natural movement or a touch of sexy-messy.

It’s also nice to hire yourself a real estate agent. In the summer, you tend to go on a lot of trips and you are probably going to be out of town a lot. When a big buyer rolls around and offers you an offer, but you are in Hawaii, how horrible is that going to be? They may want to see the house right now but you just can’t do it. This is why a real estate agent is so handy. They will do all of that for you.

Myth buster: You can NOT lose weight in target areas like your stomach or chin. Your weight will come off in the reverse order that it was put on. Nothing will offset this effect.

I am reading Keith Richards’ autobiography at the moment, and again the journey begins with lack of money, home comforts and a full stomach but also seems to come with complete immersion in what he was learning and becoming and thus a deep joy.

Number Five: Remember that Writing Well is a Journey. This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Our point isn’t to be published next week. Our point is to write beautiful stories with characters who leap off the page, and with whom we all want to tag along for their journeys. All we’re looking for is progress, growth, the ability to see that what you’ve written today was better than yesterday, or last week, or last year… And I can absolutely guarantee that if you write, if you read and study your craft, and write again, you will get better.