Realty Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make When Purchasing A New Home

Home is sweet home always! Go anywhere in the world when you return your home that gives a sigh of relief! That is what home probably. It should only be experienced! Home carries special feelings in everybodys life. Home is clubbed with those sweet bitter memories, emotions and feelings. First home buyers have to be doubly careful while surveying. First home buyers must get the property measured. They need to check all the services mentioned. Then have a look on documents and also check the legalities. Once the house is bought, First home buyers have to go for insurance coverage immediately.

According to the EPA, Middle Tennessee including Davidson and Williamson County have some of the highest concentration of Radon in the state. An article in The Tennessean in January 2007, stated that Governor Phil Bredesen proclaimed January as “Radon Action Month”. Nashville area homes are being tested more and more in real estate transactions because knowledge of Radon is spreading.

Another great area here is the Ocean course which was opened in 1991. In the East Coast, this golf course was said to be the most challenging of all. This golf course has been a host to a number of high profile golfing events and it has been used as one of the areas for films like the 2000 flick Bagger Vance. The island is also fantastic for other activities. You can walk around the parks, go to the fishing pier, check the boat landings and even enjoy the beach parks and water parks. You can also go camping, kayaking, enjoy summer camp for kids and there are also events here like the Holiday Festival of Lights as well as Reggae concerts in the summer months.

Back in 2005, an incident fed into the Dubai property boom. A rapid crash in the share market led the incoming of more cash into the market. The freehold upheaval during this time also proved to be good. Back then, the local markets were also evolving. This was in line with the trend in the macrocosmic framework formed by Dubai real estate itself. Gradually, investors started moving away from off-plan sales. The new investment interest was provided by the coming up of luxury villas. Dubai real estate had arrived.

If you have received a term sheet lately from a bridge lender you may have also been surprised by the double digit rates and high points that the lender asked for. This is market. If you have a very clean deal, on say an apartment building or office complex the best you can get is 2% points and a rate at 9.95%. On the business turnaround situation where the borrower needs to consolidate debt and pull cash out to recapitalize the business the borrower should expect terms at 3% -10% points and a rate 13% -18%. We see rates like this much more often than on the apartment building example.

Cap rates vary for a variety of reasons. Property condition, location, and type are all factors in a borrower’s immediate risk analysis. A Class-C apartment building in Chicago, IL with a lot of deferred maintenance in a poor location will have a higher cap rate than a Class-A apartment building in a better location. The reason is that the buyer wants to be compensated for the risk of the investment. A Class A property in a good location is highly desirable to rents whereas a Class C property that needs work in a poor location may require time and additional investments to maintain the cash flow. Buyers typically pay more for stable, well maintained assets in good locations thus having a lower interest rate.

If you want to stay in the West you have Malibu, Topanga and Chatsworth, the first two a bit more pricy but also choice horse areas. Simi Valley, Valencia and Canyon Country are just outside Los Angeles on Interstate 5 and have much more land to offer (but with a much longer drive into the city). You can contact local realty companies that specialize in horse properties, or do an horse/equine property search online for the city you’re interested in. Most realtors that work this niche are horse lovers.